(VUSA) Day 7: Nevada

Today we entered Nevada, and my expectations were dashed. I expected it to be flat, open, hot desert, but what I saw was an undulating “Basin and Range” landscape and hundreds of thousands of scrub bushes and sage brush plants. When we first entered, we stopped at a gas station, which would not have been remarkable if it had not cost but 30 cents for a candy bar and had there been a monstrous dump truck on a flatbed in the parking lot. Directly afterward, we visited Great Basin National Park, but as it was raining quite a bit we didn’t do anything but look at the exhibits in the visitor center. It was foggy, so the views weren’t all too great, but I could tell that they would be had the weather been a bit more friendly. As we drove, we observed that the roads would stretch endlessly on toward another range of mountains, so we would play guessing games on how long it would take us to reach the next range. Twelve miles of flat, straight, uneventful, save for the Tonopah Missile Testing Range, can become dreary, though the surrounding landscape, ever-changing in its undulation, was beautiful beyond my expectations.